fol 86v minimap ~ some footnotes

[200 words]

A couple of notes about the map and minimap before moving to the larger part of fol.86v

* orienting the map

Another and easier way to get the arrangement on fol.86v to be more ‘comfortable’ for us, is simply to turn east to the top. I haven’t explained it that way, because I don’t believe the original maker meant it to be oriented to the east, but to the north and because suggesting a map that was made in the early fifteenth century is oriented east, is to bring in a lot of reflexive, and Eurocentric associations into the equation.

The ‘east’ oriented maps of Europe form a distinct genre, within a limited and equally distinct period, and inevitably include reference to Jerusalem.

On the whole then, the ‘flipped’ map is more appropriate, I think, even if elements in the manuscript suggest a relationship .. of some ill-defined sort.. to the work of Orosius in what is now Spain, and later in North Africa.

* the rest of the minimap.. I’ve decided to leave for a while. Still on the hunt for the triangular structure and its tower, and though I have a few possible identifications, I’d rather wait to finish the minimap’s treatment until I’m sure, or I’ve given up trying.


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