Voynichese as a technical notation

I’ve likened the patterns in Voynichese to text in tech. manuals. The examples I gave were for textiles ( knitting and weaving).

I also rambled on some months ago about Egyptian signs for direction etc. but that was so speculative  that I deleted that part of the post to avoid wasting your time.

I should have mentioned at the same time that Don Hoffman Don Hoffmann suggests something of the same, interpreting the glyphs as a manual of pharmaceutical recipes.

And the last item is the worst sort of omission.

To  Julian Bunn’s comment about the weaving post [see above], I responded that  ‘someone’ had  likened Voynichese to musical notation…

Ohhhh, yes.  That would be  Julian himself, wouldn’t it?

(moment’s pause)

Julian’s posts on the topic  start here.

Anyone know other  examples?

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