VMS not German – the vital IMO


The post consisted of a review of voynich.nu as a source for Voynich studies. It included both positive and critical comment.

I am  annoyed and distressed to find that it is being read as a personal criticism of the site’s host.

Rather than let it be used for that purpose, I’ve left only the introductory remarks


If Rudolf had bought the manuscript (not certain)

and it had thereafter been obtained only by theft (untrue)

then it might still belong to Germany according to international law – did you realise that?

Just a passing thought, on re-reading some of the entries at voynich.nu

It’s a very old site now, and takes little account of recent work, so it’s a kind of archive of old opinions and lots of quotable data and unquotable opinion.

I think Rene might signal the personal nature of views a little more often, but otherwise – for the European side of the story anyway..

(remainder deleted)


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