Botanical: Cultivated- & Rapidly regenerating plants


1. CULTIVATED PLANTS – indicated by narrow circumscription mark ~  exemplified by  f.53v – Sesamum spp. (header).


f.7r;  f. 11r; f. 16r; f.19v; f.45r; f.53v.





That quality in common was more important to the maker/s  than which part of plant was taken.


Thus:  leaves fromf the bananas – f.13r;   stems for hempen fibres f. 16r ;  more solid wood ~ e.g. the rose (D.Scott) f.19v ; and what we’d describe as timber – f.27v.

f.9r; f.13r; f.14r; f.16r; f.16v; f.19v; f.23r; f.27v; f.36r; f.44v; f.93v.



~ here I’m unsure of the reading. I don’t mean to suggest that the maker/s were unsure of their plants, or that the plants are ‘indeterminate’ ones.

f.11v; f.45r; f. 89v-ii;

Note added 27/03/2017: To correct  mangled formatting I made screen-shots from the original source. The benefit for me was time saved; the loss just some of the hotlinks.

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