Heath Robinson and the Vms

For those fortunate souls yet to meet Heath Robinson  may I introduce my candidate for the Voynich Hall of Fame?

Voynich Hall of Fmmm

John Tiltman’s position as Hero is unshakable, but may I propose W. Heath Robinson as patron (-saint?) of struggling Voynicheros everywhere? (He’s the one on the left)

Heath understood perfectly why the merest hint of  royal connections makes the Vms irresistible … 

Heath Robinson royalty 2 blog

… the immediate sense it conveys of  hidden depths…

Heath Robinson depths brightened

.. the  Naturalist’s frame of mind   ..

Robinson joys of nature

….   fascination with a foreign clime …

foreign clime

... that the best insights may be  intuitive …

Heath Robinson intuition

… and difficult to explain  …

Heath Robinson thief

… what it’s like to  develop an  elegant algorithm, to which the Voynich fails wilfully to conform …

Heath Robison elegance


…  how one feels when the imagery keeps tossing up deeply alien forms …

Heath Robinson weird

Heath Robinson would appreciate the Voynichero’s constant dilemma – go  your own way,  or accept the day’s consensus?

Heath Robinson shared vision

Heath understood  mailing-lists …

Heath robinson seige

… and why we remain, regardless …

Heath Robinson hatter

…  though others seem unable to appreciate our most common-sense proposals  …

Heath Robison common sense

In Heath Robinson we have someone who can appreciate a solution that may not be immediately attractive, but looks pretty strong to us …

Heath Robinson giant

…  and how everything  can be going swimmingly …  until

(so predictably) ..

Heath Robinson swimmingly

.. and why really, sometimes this manuscript is… well.. that..  you.. you… could   just …

Heath Robinson frustration

But most of all,  Heath understood something truly important and too often forgotten.

It’s all very well to maintain the premises …

Heath Robinson house

but don’t take the foundations as given.

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