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The layout I chose for the blog doesn’t make navigation so easy. I have been working  on a complete list of posts arranged by subject, and though it isn’t in its final form yet, I hope it may help answer some of the questions I’ve received recently by email.

Using the search function of your server or the blog should turn up the post you’re after.

And because it is enormously tedious to have to argue one’s work is original, and one hasn’t plagiarised one’s own research, do please remember  this matter really is the end result of original research.  If using it, you should acknowledge the author (Diane O’Donovan), the name of the article (i.e. the post), the publication/post’s date and the  publication’s name –



Notes and advices on method:

Pics B txt

A matter of scale – methodology note


Aegis and Wolkenband(en)

How to Voynich

How to Voynich (postscript)

Kircher’s sieve

Talking about art and codicology

Fakes and Science

Monolingual and monocultural assumptions

RESULTS: the short story

A convenient table

Weights and Measures

Cluster map

Unanswered questions: a selection



Folio 86v – Introductory Notes:

fol.86v Emblems of direction: South and East     August 2, 2012

fol 86v: Emblems of direction Pt 2 ‘west’ (shortened)

fol 86v: A Curious orientation

fol.86v The Square world


Folio 86v as worldmap

fol 86v: the inset ‘minimap’ Pt1: from the Black Sea    

fol 86v The inset ‘minimap’ Pt2: the Egyptian shore    

fol 86v minimap ~ some footnotes

The North-West roundel – Angel of the Rose    

fol.86v Ways to the east: the river roads – Revised post  

fol 86v Ways to the east: the desert road    

fol.86v Roads east: Beacons    

……: Beacons ~ Who knew?

fol 86v East roundel: Lotus and Paeony

fol 86v: from East to the South

fol.86v The great sea ~ Pt1    

fol 86v: The great sea: Part 2    

fol 86v: South toward West: stage 1 The Sahel    

fol 86v: South towards West Pt 2  

f.86v West roundel – preliminary

fol 86v West roundelpassword needed.


Supplementary notes to the section:    

fol 86v Patterns and points

Hierapolis   (redundant. I think the ‘castle’ marks Laiazzo)

fol.86v: of Portolan charts and Trabizond  

More on Trebizond    

What’s wrong with Claudius Ptolemy?

Further note on the ‘Itinerary’

Castles by the sea

Voynich world: the 1stC AD stratum.

Across the North – intro: fol.86v and prototypes for the Month-emblems

Another from the vaults: re Gautier Dalche; Scott Westrem (overdue update)


A missing link

More on the missing link Cod.Pal.586

Afterword on the ‘tablecloth’ (main posts on this subject at the retrospective blog)

Trade routes and scripts  

Afterword to ‘Routes and Scripts  

Recent interest – the Vms’ world

A T-O map with wind grid


LOCATING OBJECTS from the MANUSCRIPT – the “Pharma- section” so-called

In the vicinity..

In the vicinity Pt2

BOTANICAL FOLIOS (inc. “Pharma” section’s)

fol 1v: Cloves    

fol 2r Paper and rolls

fol 3v Preliminary

fol 3v: Figs and Festivals

folio 4v. ‘Scented plants’ in ‘Alchemy’s Sweet Scent’

fol.9v once more

f13r Musaceae and Europe

f.16v Pt1 – the short (and merciful) version

f16v cont. Of Angels, angelicas & oliphants

f.25v – Dracaena (a retrospective)

fol.34v – wooden apple (Challenge question)

f43r – Mangroves

Voynich botanical reprint (f.33v)

f.90r Lawsonia inermis ~ Henna

96v Spinach-leaf (-berry) vines

f.101v – Curcuma rubescens – identification in ‘Alchemy’s sweet scent’


Supplementary notes to the section

Botanical: Cultivated- & Rapidly regenerating plants

Botanical: habit& habitat – water plants and vines grouped

fol.34v – wooden apple (Challenge question)

Another challenge – botanical imagery

Foreign plants – with caveat

Materia medica from Aleppo

Book of Asaf 3 July 2013

The oath of Pharmacists in 14thC France

Perfumes, herbals and ROM(e) .

Weights and Measures & Regex

Viola and languages

Tinctoris’ Hand

Plants and Poisons.

Cluster map.


Bathy- folios … see below in ‘ASTRONOMICAL AND TECHNICAL FOLIOS’:



Green stars (reprint from my Blogger series)

fol 57v ~ Part 1

fol 57v ~ Part 2

f57v a little more on mathematics and geodesy

f57v ~ centre details

f.57v – a nice link-up

fol 67r-ii Moons and Nymphaea

fol 67v-i ~ chronological strata




Background to the Months folios

‘Astrological zodiac’ roundels ~ the hypothesis

Helios zodiacs & ms Beinecke 408

Across the North – intro: fol.86v and prototypes for the Month-emblems

‘Astrological’ roundels – the inscriptions – protected.

Folio 70r

fol 70r Star-hours & months ~ for the mathematicians

fol. 70r ~ Of Fishes and Fleury

70r – the astrological and Yemeni angles

Anguineus vir – fol.70r yet again

Telling details – the chap on folio 70r again

fol 72r-i Cross-eyed feline and red splash

folio 72v – question of Balances

Persians in SE Asia during the Sasanid era 14 April 2013


Notes on the folios having figures commonly described as ‘nymphs’:

f.71v i-ii ~ The Bulls problem & Cosmographers glass

fol 72r-i Cross-eyed feline and red splash

Back to folio 67v-i

fol 77r Five elements

Spain 10thC

Month-roundels ~ Aegis and shield pt1   4th December 2012

~ Aegis, shield & nymphs. Pt2

~ Aegis and shield Pt 3 (Bathy- section)

Baresch, Nymphs, Egyptian style.. and months

The ‘Beastly’ Lombardy Herbal & Balneis Puteolanis

Re: previous post ‘Balneis’

The ‘beastly’ Lombardy Herbal Pt1 – female forms

The ‘beastly’ Lombardy Herbal – ladies cont.

The ‘beastly’ Lombardy Herbal – cards and charts

response to queries about cards and charts

I am a great invention of the physician Philo of Tarsus

Philo of Tarsus in Renaissance scholasticism


Supplementary notes to the section

Stars and stones?

Item on folio 79v

Labours of the months

Foreign plants and qanat irrigation

Spain 10thC


CODICOLOGY and PALAEOGRAPHY – Observations and historical notes.

Disordered content

Filters – history, codicology, palaeography

The Voynich parchment

Codicology ~ Notebooks

Codicology – DIY books

Codicology ~Tannin

Codicology – hair and flesh

Dimensions and places

Dimensions and Proportions Brit.Lib.Mss from 1340-1450 AD

folio 9v – a short note on ‘hands’.

Paragraph spaces?

Paragraph spaces + Micrography =

Abbreviated texts

A much-travelled Jewish miscellany

Plants on the Page: dispositions and parchment

Pages from the Veneto

Tackling the text

Goatskin cover

Flurry of Titanium


VOYNICHESE, languages and scripts – observations, speculations and historical Notes.

I’m certain

The language elephant

more on f.1r and Asian forms for dragon

NMB – script  

aiiin group

Eight languages and tajnopis’ cipher ~ without comment (re f.57v)

“In these same characters” (Pt 1)

In these same characters Pt2

In these same characters Pt3

Voynichese note

Texts and vocabularies


MS BEINECKE 408 (medieval and early modern period).

A lordly chap in 15thC northern Italy

The great Aldrovandi… 24 April 2013

No evidence that Rudolf ever owned ms Beinecke 408


A document in Kircher’s correspondence

Kircher’s letter to Moretus 1639

The Kircher link

Positing a pre-‘Rudolfine’ history 1 – Kircher

positing a pre-Rudolfine history 2 – the others

positing a pre-Rudolfine history – biographies and a pattern

” …thesauros Artis medicae Aegyptiacos” Pt1

thesauros Artis medicae Aegyptiacos” Pt2

thesauros Artis medicae Aegyptiacos” Pt 3

thesauros Artis medicae Aegyptiacos” Pt 4: Bacon’s materials

Eastern (Siddha) medicine and immortality – reprint from ‘Findings’

Q: Who first said that? A: Wilfrid Voynich (Pt 1)

Q: Who first said that? A: Wilfrid Voynich (Pt 2)

Q: Who first said that? A: Wilfrid Voynich (Pt. 3)

Q: Who first said that? A: Wilfrid Voynich (Pt 4)

Panofsky and Friedman’s Questions

Panofsky – postscript

Roger Bacon, Itineraries, Maths, and Judah Loew

Eavesdropping can be fun

Eavesdropping can be fun – 2. Folger gossip

Clarification – Karimi and merchant banks


Editorials, Open Letters, Notices and Satire

Appeal to Linguists and Alchemy people

VMS not German – the vital IMO


The Beinecke site

Is it worth it?

Deja vu & “SD” on behalf of Edith Sherwood – yet again

Hacking history

Plagiarism and relative value

got time for an hypothesis? ~ may I suggest Mardaite?




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