Appeal to elder members

As part of the book-in-progress, I am asked to include a survey of lasting contributions to the study of the manuscript. This is proving unusually difficult, given that each individual’s website tends only to credit those who support his or her own theory.

There are also certain common errors which I do not wish to propagate. As example, I was very grateful when corrected on a misapprehension about the developer of the ‘EVA’ script, which I now understand was entirely the work of Gabriel Landini.

I realise it is a big ask – but would any of the older Voynicheros be willing to write, or advise me on, this part of the introduction? There is no existing source that can be called a complete and objective survey, so far as I know. Or is there?


Addition – sincere thanks to the kind reader who pointed out that way back in January 2002, Jim Rees wrote:

G. Landini and R. Zandbergen are currently engaged in a long-term EVMT (European Voynich Manuscript Transcription) project which attempts to merge and rectify all previous transcriptions, proofread against Petersen’s transcription. The current state of their work, together with detailed explanations of the project, can be found at the EVMT web site.

Is this about transcribing the text (effectively typing it) using EVA, or is it about developing that font itself? My reader doesn’t know, either.


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