brief note: re wind-wheels and roses. The 32 winds of Provence

For those who like to collect vocabularies.

In Montfuron, the local Provencal names for winds are preserved in a stone ‘rose’, called in France a ‘table d’Orientation‘. No date is given for the object.

Among its distinctive terms (as transcribed here) are:

North : Tremontano – Tems dré – Montagnero – Ventouresco
North East : Aguielon – Cisampo – Gregau – Auro Bruno
East : Levantas – Auro Rousso – Vent Blanc – Marin Blanc
South East : Eissero – Auro Caude – Vent de Souleu – Embat
South: Marin – Vent Bas – Fouis – Vent Laro
South west : Labe – Vent de Damo – Pounentau – Rousau
West : Narbounes – Travesso – Mango Fango – Cers
North west : Mistrau – Vent d’Aut – Biso – Auro Drecho




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