All you ever need[‘nt] know about Brumbaugh’s 1987 paper.

edited on orders from the writer’s super-ego.

Those wondering about how badly out-of-date newbies are likely to be after reading the Beineke’s modified introduction, which instructs them to read the work of Robert S. Brambaugh to know the history of Voynich research – well, the prospect is not looking too good.

The last paper written by Brambaugh was a three-page sketch – now very badly out of date.  Fortunately, it was only intended to give the librarians some idea of how things had gone.  I very much doubt that a professor of medieval history would have considered the paper a “history” in any sense whatever.

Now that the librarians are suggesting Brumbaugh is the “last word” on the subject, this light little paper with all its outmoded notions is likely to go further and be taken much more gravely than its author ever intended. One shudders to think… newbies looking at seventeenth century all over again; the old ‘Dee got rich by selling it to Rudolf… oooh nooo. *…*

If it’s a while since you read this little bit of light entertainment, and you have access to JSTOR, take a look.

Don’t forget afterwards to check the earlier posts at ‘ciphermysteries’.  Search any keyword or proper name.

Then you’ll get some idea of just how far we have come in the past thirty years.  Yep.  Old enough to have left school, done the Uni thing or not – got married – and now have a child just five or six years younger than you were back then.

(makes ya think, dunnit).

Robert S. Brumbaugh, ‘The Voynich Cipher Manuscript: a current report’, Yale University Library Gazette, Volume 61, No.3/4, pp. 92-95.
and if you’re sitting comfortably, we’ll begin.


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