Basic resources for medieval manuscript study

[addition blmmb– 5/07/2017]

I like the technical stuff on Erik Kwakkel’s page, called ‘Medieval Books’ – you might like to add it to your Reader list too.

Kwakkel’s titles are usually a bit ..well… screamer-headline, but that’s part of the fun. post about foldouts and scrolls is ‘The Incredible Expandable Book’.  Damage and repairs is the subject of ‘The Skinny on Bad Parchment’ – which to judge by the slug was originally  ‘Feeling Good about Bad Skin’.  🙂

If you don’t know it already, the ‘Sexy Codicology’ blog is worth adding to your reading list.  It’s been going since 2013, but is fairly difficult to search

You may already have heard of its new and super-good guide to digitized manuscripts – the DMMap .  Just follow the link:

Also there –  mention and link to the Met’s 500 titles free, online (here).

SexyCodicology blog is Patreon funded; think about helping them as they do you – and if you like a bit of jam for your money, the picture shows a cushion sold there. A bit of extra support. 🙂

Written in very simple style and with a light touch,  lighter the  British Library’s ‘Medieval Manuscripts’  blog is meant to be attractive to schoolchildren and members of the public – any of whom may one day become donors.. What I like about this blog is that it writes in a way which assumes that the ‘intelligent layman’ really is intelligent. No ‘dumbing down’ – just simpler expression. ,  For a taste of its style, try:

 ‘The Burden of Writing: Scribes in Medieval Manuscripts’








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