Site overhaul

The new theme has solved a lot of older problems but brought a couple of new ones, prompting me to stop putting off a long needed overhaul.  Old formatting glitches, dislocated images, quotations in blaring default font; the too-long and too-numerous Categories, and old posts which need links to newer material on the same matter.

For you to find 800+ notices in (fairly) rapid succession in your emails would surely try you – and me – beyond all limits, so for the time being, I’ve had the blog taken off the blogosphere list, and removed everyone who was on the ‘follow by email’ list.

No idea how long this will take; I don’t have much time for Voynich things now.  But you will know when I’m content with the renovations, because this post will be gone, and the rest of the public posts will each have its picture header re-installed,  be colour-coded by one of far-fewer Categories, and there’ll be no blaring, two-column-wide big-font quotations. All the after-notes and bibliographic notes that I added to a post’s Comments will be transferred to the post proper, and any reader’s corrections will be added too, with acknowledgements.

Hope it helps.



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