medalKnox at ‘Notakrian’ – for his even-handed recognition of Voynich researchers past and present


medalSam G” – for his cool, analytical approach.  I have put up a separate page here citing some of his comments as a “best introduction for newbies”.


medalGert Brantner – for setting investigation of the manuscript at higher priority than defense of any theory  about it. Honest intellectual curiosity, with integrity, is what this study most needs. Gert has both in spades. He first suggested establishing a new forum,, to which many interesting new and well qualified people have been drawn.



Anton – at Voynich ninja. Another mind of the quality so sorely needed in this field of study



Nick Pelling –  accurately cites and attributes his information.  A number of correspondents object to Pelling’s inclusion, and they have a point. Pelling’s habit of answering with vitriol and ad. hominems any evidence or argument challenging matter which he published in his Curse of the Voynich (2006)  is certainly unfortunate, and apparently more common as time passes.  He’s in the list simply because he knows what plagiarism is, and doesn’t do that.


Names listed here may be added to. The list is not definitive, nor authoritative: just my choice.

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