I’ll be adding my posited ids as I post them here.

This is the list I have for Dana Scott’s . I know it’s not up to date, but will add to it as I’m able.

Edith Sherwood’s identifications (as of 2010) are conveniently listed by Julian Bunn here. (Julian seems to me a die-hard ‘all Europe’ theorist, btw).

Don Hoffman’s Hoffmann’s identifications here. (Some agree with earlier ones)

For checking current suggestions against earlier ones –  up to  2004/2005 I think – see two pages from  voynich.nu. (illustrated) (older comparative list).

Ellie Velinska’s blog agrees with some earlier identifications but also makes original choices. I believe she should be  credited with first identifying the rare, white-berried American northern Actaea Rubra f. Alba in fol.95. I agree that this folio probably represents Actaea spp (not the American type, of course)

Another site presents in a way which looks almost official one, but is simply a scheme for an imagined “Voynich garden”, associated with what appears to be an equally imaginary “Villa Voynichi”.

In forming this list, Steve D is adding, or adjusting, plant identifications made by other researchers, updating the older identifications by Edith Sherwood. Some of Dana Scott’s identifications are credited there.


When mentioned or published in this blog, my identifications are linked.

* System and Science (Introduction)

* fol.1v     Cloves

* fol. 2r           ‘Paper and Rolls’ Tetrapanax papyrifer et.al.

* fol. 3v  ‘Figs and Festivals‘  & Part 2

*fol.4v – Clematis. in  ‘Alchemy’s sweet scent’.

* 6v Liquidamber orientalis – identified as an eastern member in the plant-group in this folio. As a passing remark in first half of  this post on the subject of alum, and of storax.  Storax from L.orientalis is often confused in older and contemporary literary sources with styrax from e.g. Styrax platanifolius.

* fol.9v Viola group – hidden letters and lenses

*fol. 13r – Musaceae  &  …  Part 2… and Europe (reprint from ‘Findings’)

* fol.16r  Hempen-fibres and dyes

* fol. 16v Angelicas and ?Agar-woods. (short version) &… Pt2;

* fol.22r  Myrobalans & …  Part 2

* f.28r     Ensete spp.

* fol.34v Xylocarpus spp. (near end of ‘Wooden apples’ post)

* 40v Members of the Proteaceae – in progress but mentioned at this post at ciphermysteries.


* f.52vDracunculus vulgaris and Titan arum.

* fol 53v step-by-step ~ Template post (Sesamum spp.)

* f.90r Lawsonia inermis. Henna (reprint from my earlier botanical blog)


* Perspective.


‘Pharma’ section

*101v – Luffa, Bombax ceiba, Clove


1.2 Details and related posts:

Classes by design: Water plants and vines; Cultivated- and rapidly regenerating plants; Brews;

…… “Baresch, Marci, Kircher & Mnishovsky”.  Post #1, #2, #3, #4.

……  Siddha medicine and immortality.

……  Perspective.


Some references

Checklist of mangrove species in South-east India and Sri Lanka  (with local names)

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